Making performance is making place. As Placemaking becomes the contemporary approach for shaping  our environment, practices are recognised as defining of urban dynamics and form.  Through performance, we give symbolic significance and specificity to the spaces we occupy.

Betina Abi Habib (LB, 1993) is a visual and performance artist based in the Netherlands. She locates her practice at the intersection of Architecture and Performance. Her work is site-specific and explores the performing body as an active agent in the shaping of our physical environments. Betina has obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut (2017) and a Master in Scenography from the Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht (2020). After writing and staging her first play, Baalat and Her Double (2020), a Lecture Performance in three acts, the attempt to bring didactic text to the realm of performance became central to her artistic practice. In 2020, Betina initiated a series of workshops which aim at producing site-specific collaborative Lecture-Performances inspired by the brechtian practice of Lehrstücke.


Oct.2021- Kunstliefde,  De Belofde 16, Essential Interests, ‘Go Home’.
Sept.2021- SPRING Festival ARK Utrecht, ‘ARK Petitie’.
April.2021- Stelplaats Leuven, Stel Tentoon#4, Collaboration with Clubefemeer.
Oct.2020- Make Space 2020, Broese Utrecht, Adaptation of Act 3 from ‘Baalat and her Double’.
Oct.2020-  EXboot, De Nijverheid Utrecht, Performer in Maria Klaassen’s ‘Reversible Destiny Office’. Sept.2020- Bring Your Own Beamer, Utrecht, ‘Breng Me Ergens Gezelligs’.
May2020- Het Huis Utrecht, First adaptation of ‘Baalat and Her Double’ as online performance.
June2019- Prague Quadrennial, Waltz2019, Hiker.
June2019- Frascati Cafe Amsterdam, Holland Festival, ’Wunderkammer’.
May2019- Fabrication HKU, De GelderlandFabriek, Culemborg, ‘Artist Residing’.

Triburaries (2020) by Megan Auour, Geertje Brandenberg, Gordon Williams, Patricia Nistor and Betina Abi Habib.
Metropolis M Magazine, EINDEXAMEN 2020  interviewed by Jorne Vriens.
DePluijm 2020 nominee, HKU Theatre.
KING KONG Magazine, Migration issue 2019. Op-Ed “Migration In Language”.
domus web, Silence in Beirut by Marco Petroni 2016.