Stenographic Response

Performative Installation
Video source:  A Natural History of the Studio  by William Kentridge 

Duration: Ongoing

In 2012 William Kentridge gives a lecture at Tel Aviv University as a Dan David Prize Laureate. His talk is entitled "A Natural History of the Studio", an important theorization of artistic work in the studio. Taking the role of a biased stenographer, working behind the paravent on which the lecture is projected, I selectively take note of the words used by Kentridge as he describes the artistic process. The text I hit on the typewriter is a live textual record of his speech. This list of words annotated are then rewritten in a paragraph, forming a new discourse entitled “Confession to Palestine”.  The annotated words and reconfigured speech are distributed to the audience at the end of each lecture- video loop. 

Words annotated from speech:Life-Tricks-Protected space-Construction of meaning-Development of thought-Tel Aviv-Designed-Allied-Reduced-Doing your thinking for you-Put on hold-Circling-Avoiding the issue-Avoiding the confrontation-Console myself-Given a chance-Structure-Shooting-Images start to emerge-Separated space-Outside world-Hitting the walls-Demonstration-South Africa and Israel-Reconstituted-Bombarded-News-Dismembered-Reconstructed-Deconstruction-Reconsidering-Contradictions-Ways of seeing-Unconscious prehistory-Instruct-Pretense of certainty-Open ended-ness.