Participant: Sofia Anathasoulia
Text: Betina Abi Habib
Duration: 30 minutes

How often do we strip our surrounding from its political significance? The aim of this work is to recognize how indices of oppression are embedded in our daily experience, in the most playful and seemingly harmless of objects. After posing with the theatrical props offered to them, the participants leave the photography room and enter the screening room where they are given the time to look at the photos as spectators and listen to revealing stories of the objects they were posing with:

The vest: On king’s day he could finally get to wear the orange vest. Of all the colorful clothes his wife had taken out of his closet and to throw out, he had managed to keep this one. It was okay to wear it on King’s day.

The red beret: She wore a red beret to school. It was in line with her leftist aesthetics. But as she walked back home, she would take it off and slip it in her backpack. She knew her neighborhood would find it ridiculous.

The glasses: He would push up his glasses when they slid down on his nose. Then, remembering his own father’s similar gesture he would slide the temples further back behind his ears.